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Harvest news from Raka Wines

Harvest news from Raka Wines
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With the seasons changing, the Raka farm is dressed in the colours of autumn and is beautiful!

The autumn sun brings calmness to the farm, one can almost feel how the vineyards suck up the last bit of sun before their well-deserved winter rest after the 2024 harvest.

The September 2023 floods resulted in 2023 being our wettest Septembers since our maiden vintage in 2002. This was followed by constant south easter winds, influencing flowering in the vineyards. This resulted in lower fruit set and a smaller crop. However, dynamite comes in small packages, and we can say that the 2024 harvest was small but excellent quality!
The 2024 Raka Wines harvest started with Sauvignon Blanc and before we knew it ended 21 March with Petit Verdot.  We will start to transfer the red wines to the barrels in May and are looking forward to the evolvement of barrel maturation.

Quick fun pointers on the 2024 harvest

We harvested just over 450 tonnes of grapes – that is about 337 575 litres of wine, should fill up 1 182 barrels and end up being 404 090 bottles of wine!

The 2024 harvest was 23.5 % smaller than 2023.

All tonnes were harvested by hand – by 31 people in 33 days - we are very proud of our workforce for bringing in the harvest!

Wine special: Raka Spliced

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