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Raka reports on severe flooding

Raka reports on severe flooding
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Raka Wines reflects on the impact that the widespread flooding over the Heritage Day long weekend had on their farm.

Last weekend at Sunday midday (24 September 2023) the downpour started, like in most areas of the Western Cape. In the 41 years that we have had the farm we’ve never experienced rain and flooding like Sunday night/Monday morning. The Klein River burst its bank to an extreme extent and the mountain streams changed to rivers! Trees got blown over and uprooted, blocking roads, low laying areas on the farm looked like lagoons.

A week later and we still can’t reach some parts of the farm as it is too muddy. To experience the power of nature and to see how everything was just pushed out of the water's way, we are very grateful that we had no vast damages or losses.

This is just to let you know that we are still smiling and to share the intensity of last week's rain with you:

Left: The Klein River in full flood on Monday 25 September. Right: The Klein River, still full but not breaking its banks on Monday 2 October.

Left: Oak tree surrounded by the river in flood on Monday 25 September. Right: The water level dropped; the oak tree pushed over by the force of the river on Monday 2 October.

And a week later it’s a perfect summer's day on the farm and one would not believe all the rain we had! 

May you have a wonderful new week!

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