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Raka’s December wine news

Raka’s December wine news
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As the year draws to an end, the excitement of harvest is building at Raka Wines.

Oh, how they have grown! Just a month apart and the bunches of grapes changed from fluffy flowers to hard green grapes.

In the next month they will start to change colour, the month thereafter they will develop sweet fruity tastes and the pips will change from green to brown. Then they are ready for harvest.

As the year draws to an end, the excitement of harvest is building. One can see mother nature doing what she does best – let nature bloom! We do intervene a little as we irrigate the vines to make sure they have enough water but not too much. You do not want watery grapes or raisins – a fine balance is required. Watery grapes make thin wine, and no one likes that. We also make sure that the vines do not have too many bunches per plant. The excess bunches are removed to make it easier for the vine to nurture the grapes without enduring stress. The better the quality of the grapes, the better wine can be produced. At this stage it is all about balance in the vineyards.

While we are cultivating the vines to produce the perfect harvest, most people are coming to the end of their working year and getting ready for the festive season. This is also very exciting, and we are looking forward to welcoming our visitors to the farm. 

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