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Raka Biography Shiraz 2015: Consistency is King

Raka Biography Shiraz 2015: Consistency is King
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If you are one of many Raka customers who have been looking forward to the release of the new vintage Raka Biography Shiraz, it is now on the market. There may still be some Biography 2013 available from up country outlets, but in the Western Cape you will now find the Raka Biography Shiraz 2015 on the shelves.

Biography 2015?? Before you think that you missed a whole vintage, you have not - we have!

In November 2013 the Overberg had unseasonal rain. It was not only unusual, it was heavy rains with winds blowing trucks off the road and huge downpours which brought the Klein River down in a flood, caused landslides and breached the lagoon. It must have been the last time that the Theewaterskloof dam was full to the point of overflow. As it was early in the season it did not have  too much of an adverse effect on the vines.

In January 2014 however,  this rain was followed up by another storm. The rain was less, but the timing worse and the Shiraz, because of the time it ripens, was most effected.  We saw  a heavy production with big berries.

Mid 2015,  after the Shiraz  had spent a year in barrel, the winemaker was not satisfied with the wine.  Josef Dreyer, Raka’s winemaker believes “consistency is king” and  that one of the reasons the Raka Biography Shiraz is so popular, is because it is a good wine year after year after year.  Josef did not want to spoil this  record, so after much deliberation the  Shiraz was 'downgraded' to the Spliced 2014. There will be no Biography Shiraz 2014.

If you happen by your favourite wine outlet, buy yourself a bottle of Raka Biography Shiraz 2015 and judge for yourself!