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Raka wine is tops in Mpumalanga

Raka wine is tops in Mpumalanga
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Wine Producers and their marketing teams have a hard time to decide which of the many wine shows to support. Every major city have at least 3 wine shows a year and they are all advertised as the biggest, the best or the 'not to be missed' if you want to promote your wine. And there seem to pop up a few new ones every year. They are increasingly expensive, and none of them offer anything new.

Still, we at Raka firmly believe in spending our marketing budget on wine shows rather than advertising in newspapers and magazines. The reason for this is simple. Costly as  Wine shows may be, prospective clients get the opportunity to taste your wine. They can decide for themselves  if it is what they like, then go ahead and buy it. An added benefit is that  producers get the opportunity to interact with potential clients. You can tell them the background of the wine,  answer their questions, invite them to the estate and get their feedback on the wine.

With all of this in mind Raka's proprietor Piet Dreyer recently embarked on the long and tiresome journey from the farm near Stanford in the Overberg to Nelspruit in Mpumalanga to attend the FNB Wine Show.

Piet may be getting closer to the line that separate what is called middle aged from the respected title senior citizen, but his passion and enthusiasm for Raka wine is still burning as strong as it did when he started producing wine almost 20 Years ago. It was with some  surprise and big gratitude towards our clients in Mpumalanga that we learned that Raka had the highest sales by volume at the show.

Apart from wine sales,  the exhibitors had the opportunity to support the local community by donating wine towards the annual White River Rotary Auction. The organisers of the show kindly donated R25 000 from ticket sales to Rotary and Hospice White River. It turned out to be a feel good event all round, and  we feeling proud that Raka wine is tops in Mpumalanga.

If you want to join us in some wine show fun, Raka will be showcasing our award winning wine at Monte Casino on 6th & 7th April  at the Michelangelo International Wine Awards Show. Closer to home we will be in Stilbaai at the Community Hall from 16h00 - 21h00 on 4th and 5th April for the Stilbaai Kelders wine, beer and spirits show.